Process from selection to receiving BIG registration (work permit)

The recruitment process has the following steps:

  • Joining our events
  • Selection of participants
  • Starting our unique online language course which helps you succeed in the Dutch language
  • Crash course 2 weeks in Groningen > language training in a small group together with professors in the dutch language
  • Language test
  • Help with receiving BIG Registration (work permit). Afterwards we help placing you in a dutch dental practice

The average time frame is expected to be about 6-12 months for the recruitment, selection and language training and in addition we will guide and support you whenever necessary during and after this period.

Recruitment from whole Europe

  • We recruit dentists and oral hygienists from throughout Europe for work in a dental practice in the Netherlands. For this we have entered a partnership with a number of large dental chains but also smaller dental practices. We can place dentists over the whole of The Netherlands.
  • The recruitment and selection procedure is planned in such a way that several candidates can start the language training at the same time. We always try to form groups of at least 6-8 candidates. The programs start at various times per year. The language course is online via skype sessions in small groups. A professor in the Dutch language leads these skype sessions. In between these sessions you study on your own following instructions from the teachers.