Dentists trained in Sweden meet the European standard in all respects. And similar to graduated young Dutch dentists. They also connect well in terms of culture and work ethic. The program is fully recognized in the Netherlands and the dentists can simply register in the BIG register. They are therefore not automatically suitable for getting started in the Netherlands. In addition to healthy ambition and motivation, an open personality, Dutch at level B2 + level and extra training courses that focus on specific Dutch dental subjects are required. Swedish dentists provide for this.

We always try to form groups of at least 6 candidates. We do this by planning the selection procedures in such a way that we can start the training with several candidates at the same time. For example, we start at several times a year with a training group in various cities in Sweden. Recently, we also started training groups in the Scandinavians.

Your own class is also possible. Are you looking for multiple candidates for your organization or are you considering joining forces with colleagues in your circle or region who are struggling with similar problems, then we would be happy to discuss this option with you.