Are you looking for a job as a dentist or oral hygienist in The Netherlands? Did you know that dentists in The Netherlands earn have excellent salaries? We can help you get a job in The Netherlands!

We are focusing on bringing talented dentists and oral hygienists from throughout Europe. Annually events take place in different countries and cities in Europe. You can sign up for these events to have a bigger chance to get the help and support necessary.

Partly as a result of the limited number of training places, the rapid ageing of the dental sector and an increasing number of part-time workers, the Netherlands is facing an annually increasing shortage of dentists. The market is therefore really good for dentists and oral hygienists. Especially outside the bigger cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht) there are a huge shortage of dentists.

To register as a dentist in The Netherlands you need to do a language test. We help and support you with the whole process and we also have a unique cooperation with the University of Groningen so you can succeed in the language.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us. We will help you!

I have now worked in the Netherlands 9 years and I regret nothing. The best decision I made in my life. Here life is easy and cozy. The mentality resembles the Scandinavian but better. Overheads are lower and wages are much higher. Will stay here for the rest of my life.

T. Landeberg, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands

During my 2 years in the Netherlands, I have had both a career and a family. The people are open and cordial and you feel fast at home. Right on the case mentality suits me well.

M. Gradshol, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands

Can warmly recommend visiting the event when it comes to Sweden! I myself have visited the event when it was in Gothenburg. Worked in the Netherlands before. Come home with more experience and lots of new friends!

A Eriksson, Swedish Dentist in the Netherlands

I live and work already three years in the Netherlands, very nice country, well paid, life without stress, there is always a lot to do, nice manners, mentalities fit me and good. Dentist I.P. Amsterdam

I.P, Estonian dentist with vast experience in Sweden




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